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Tips on How to Develop an App by Jasdeep Singh

App creation is not easy as said by Jasdeep singh; it is more than normal computer knowledge. It will take you time to learn but with your patient and being committed you will find it not that hard, this is in line with Jasdeep’s blog. To develop a simple app you will have to consider that following steps that this article explains below, also click here to know more about me.

Step number one, according to jadeep singh is to come up with an idea on what type of an app you want to build. You should know that there are different types of app so come up with the type you want to create. Your ideas should be aimed at making a simple app.

The second step is to define the key functionalities of you app. You should able to know what functionalities this app will need. You should be able to note the functionalities of your app. Note the features your app should have. Consider basic features that will help users to create an account create a password, and write comments.

Step number three is to sketch your app. Sketching your app will aid you to know it appearance. Sketching will make know where to place a button on your app and the function of the button.

Step number four is to come up with UI flow. In this step, you will have to note the steps that the app will flow when reaching the intended function. For example, add the procedures that your app will follow when a user tries to create an account.

At number five is to design a database. When creating database choose the important information that it should keep. For instance, your app should be able to keep information such as user’s name, email address and many others.

The sixth step is to design the UI for your app. Because individuals are usually attracted to pretty things. You have to create beautiful UI that will attract many users. Using colored UI is attractive.

Here will have to identify the steps that seem hard for you to do by yourself. In this step you are about to wind up with your project. Before building it check all the steps if there is a step that you cannot do on your own then consider using what other people have done. Being a beginner use other programmer’s ideas as you gain experience.

The remaining part now is to build your app. Now you can collect the materials you require and start building your app.

This article comes to a conclusion stating the following as the steps beginners should take when developing an app.