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 Intellectual Property Rights

In our team we have expertise of IPR with 10 years of experience.


  • Selection of relevant patents or applications using data bases like Scifinder, Micropat,USPTO, EP, espacenet, delphion, IMS life cycle, WIPO, Ekasawaand other relevant website and their analysis to check the non-infringement of the invention.

Suggestion of Non-Infringed Strategy

  • Our IPR team will suggest to the formulation scientist regardingnon-infringed strategy to help the formulation scientists in selecting a suitable method/strategy to develop product.
  • Also our team will help in studying the Office Actions and File histories of critical Patents and assist to higher management for generating strategies to develop non-infringing formulations

Providing Prior Art Search

  • Our IPR team will help to find out the novelty and patentability of the invention by using the said data bases.

Drafting Patent

  • Our IPR team will co-ordinate with the Formulation Development Team to draft patents for applying in India, US and in PCT and Filing in respective patent office.

Maintaining Thepatent Application

  • Our IPR team will maintain the patent application in India and other foreign countries and monitoring of granted patents and published patent applications relating to products developed or under development.

Preparation of Invalidation Grounds

  • Our team will provide prior art search to find out the novelty and patentability of various inventions and accordingly assist in preparation of invalidation grounds.

Determining Patent Status

  • Our team will search, monitor and keep track of patent status of different drugs for diverse market.
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